• The VUE electronic vision aid

    Millions of people suffer from incurable retinal diseases which cause progressive vision loss.  

    While the medical community continues to work toward finding cures for the various retinal diseases, there are a range of vision aid solutions available today for sufferers of low vision. However, each of these solutions has critical limitations, including such things as not being portable, having limited application (e.g., can only be used for reading), or even being highly-invasive.  

    For these reasons, DRI Systems has developed the VUE, a breakthrough wearable vision enhancement system.  The VUE can help people who suffer from severe vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinitis pigmentosa (RP), glaucoma, stroke, and other vision disorders.

    The VUE

    • Is portable
    • Can be configured for patients' specific diagnoses
    • Can be reconfigured as vision loss progresses
    • Is non-invasive
    • Has different modes for different activities
    • Has sufficient battery life for all-day use

    Reveal Optical's The VUE

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