• Electronic Heterodyne Geometric Tomography


    Electronic heterodyning is a technolgy that permeates our daily lives. The most obvious application is radio, which uses heterodyning  for example to transmit and to receive the news between our car and a radio station. 

    EHGT is a special version of heterodyning which electrically turns a laser beam into a ruler by turnning the laser off and on then measuring the time it took for the modulated beam to shift in time.  EHGT produces a high speed, high resolution (down to 10 microns axially) laser beam. This beam when scanned across the human eye can build a highly detail 3-dimensional model of the eye.

    Features (not a complete list)

    •   Identify exact location and structure of a cataract

    •   Iillustrate the patients vision due to aberrations or scatter

    •   Measure aberrations on all optical surfaces of the eye

    •   Aberrations are measured (not calculated) on all optical surfaces

    •   Build 3D density maps of crystalline lens

    •   Measure and analyze tear film break up